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/PageFiles/24287/001_rb-image-1654284.jpegAlmost zero CH4 emission from lambs using milk replacer

News Feeding artificial reared lambs with milk replacer and cream almost completely stopped CH4 (methane) release - a Danish study found. Switching from milk replacer and cream to a fibrous diet dramatically changed the CH4:CO2 ratio within 4 days. The CH4:CO2 ratio remained lower for 50 days after the d...

/PageFiles/23063/001_boerderij-image-1493752.jpegAg co-products in poultry diets reduces emissions

News Adding agricultural co-products to poultry diets has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from poultry production – provided the cost of these co-products remains low and supplies are adequate, a new study suggests. Scientists from Newcastle and Cranfield Universities carried out a joint...

/PageFiles/22702/001_boerderij-image-1470842.jpegRapeseed based feed cuts greenhouse gases by 13%

News The use of rapeseed cake in the production of livestock feed cuts methane and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 13%, according to the initial results of the research carried out by Neiker-Tecnalia within the framework of the Life-Seed Capital project. Specifically, the incorporation of this oilseed ...

/PageFiles/19805/001_boerderij-image-1054330.jpegOil rich by products can reduce methane emissions

News A study at Melbourne University in Australia has shown that adding certain oil-rich by-products to feed can reduce methane emissions in cattle by 15-20%. The Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre at Melbourne University found that by-products such as brewers grain, cold-pressed canola meal an...

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