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/PageFiles/36878/001_boerderij-image-1582433.jpegTwo thirds of flocks suffer smothering, UK survey says

News The first large-scale research project quantifying the extent of hen smothering in the UK has suggested two-thirds of free-range flocks may be affected. McDonald's commissioned the survey as part of its UK Sustainable Egg Supply Group and worked with consultants FAI Farms to question every farmer su...

/PageFiles/36824/001_boerderij-image-1573686.jpegAvangardco's egg production stays strong despite crisis

News Avangardco, the largest producer of shell eggs and egg products in Ukraine and number one producer in Eurasia has announced a positive trading update for the first six months of 2014. "Despite the current situation in Ukraine, the company managed to achieve good production results during the repor...

/PageFiles/36820/001_boerderij-image-1573591.jpegFirst IBQX vaccine for the UK poultry industry

News Zoetis has announced the availability in the UK and Ireland of the first specific vaccine against the QX strain of the infectious bronchitis virus — Poulvac IBQX. For the past two years the vaccine has only been available with a special import certificate from the Veterinary Medicines Directorat...

/PageFiles/36804/002_boerderij-image-1556322.jpegGoing back to basics in rearing pays off

News To deliver a good rearing flock to the production farm, the basic criteria of good infrastructure and management need to be met. Owners or general managers cannot expect good results without giving their farm managers the tools to do the job. Going back to the basics of rearing will easily solve 90%...

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