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/PageFiles/37045/001_boerderij-image-1605137.jpegDSM launches the MaxiChick Breeder Calculator App

News DSM has launched an app to support its innovative MaxiChick productivity improvement solution for breeder flocks. Developed for farmers, nutritionists, researchers and other professionals in the poultry industry, the MaxiChick Breeder Calculator App facilitates the quick and easy calculation of the ...

/PageFiles/37037/001_boerderij-image-1546555.jpegSpiking reduces fertility drop in older poultry flocks

News Aging hens physiologically need to be mated more often to sustain the same level of fertility as a flock of 35 weeks. Meanwhile roosters become less interested and able to complete mating. So, to get the same fertility level, the older the flock the more attention should be paid to rooster managemen...

/PageFiles/36961/002_boerderij-image-1570795.jpegStudy shows Coccivac-B/Enradin disease control protocol improves flock performance and ROI

News It is widely known coccidiosis and clostridia interact to hurt broiler performance. Yet there are few field reports providing economic metrics to demonstrate how controlling these pathogens improves broiler productivity. A study from MSD Animal Health reveals that changes in intestinal disease proce...

/PageFiles/36878/001_boerderij-image-1582433.jpegTwo thirds of flocks suffer smothering, UK survey says

News The first large-scale research project quantifying the extent of hen smothering in the UK has suggested two-thirds of free-range flocks may be affected. McDonald's commissioned the survey as part of its UK Sustainable Egg Supply Group and worked with consultants FAI Farms to question every farmer su...

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