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/PageFiles/34501/001_boerderij-image-1327728.jpegManaging the basics makes all the difference

News Adequate clean water and quality feed, ventilation management, body weight control, and litter management are the obvious essential components. In the experience of Tom Procter and Dominic Smith of Cobb Europe if a flock of breeders does not perform well, it often is simply down to neglecting some o...

/PageFiles/34452/001_boerderij-image-1320312.jpegAustralia: Quarantined chickens to be euthanised

News A flock of fancy chickens, currently housed in a secure quarantine facility, will be euthanised because the birds are infected with an exotic strain of Salmonella that cannot be effectively treated. The syndicate behind the importation, the Australian Rare Poultry Importation Syndicate Inc (ARPIS), ...

/PageFiles/34288/001_boerderij-image-1288460.jpegMSD announces broiler ‘Convenience Program’

News MSD Animal Health has announced its’ Convenience Program, an innovative disease prevention initiative that gives broilers protection against respiratory diseases earlier in their life cycle with no impact on weight gain. The program allows poultry producers to improve their respiratory disease contr...

/PageFiles/34251/001_boerderij-image-1280831.jpegControl of SE in the US egg industry

News Salmonella is and remains an important issue in the poultry industry. Egg and meat producers work hard to control this bacteria to guarantee these products to be safe food for humans. Intensive prevention programmes prove to be successful but it has a cost. The US egg production industry, working co...

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