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/PageFiles/31340/001_boerderij-image-1593732.jpegA fully integrated pig business in Kazakhstan

News From piglets to the shop counter – the company RubiKom in Kazakhstan produces, slaughters and cuts the pigs all by itself. After processing, the meat and other delicacies are sold in own shops throughout the entire country. By Dr Friedrich-Wilhelm Busse*, 
DVM, veterinarian Dunes, m...

/PageFiles/31041/001_boerderij-image-1602462.jpegFail-safe air inlets for pig and poultry houses

News German turnkey stables producer Hölscher + Leuschner presented a novel type of air inlet for pig and poultry housing at the recent edition of EuroTier. The 'VRV Air', designed to be fail-safe and maintenance-free, is supposed to work even in the case of a power shutdown. Key are three elements: ...

/PageFiles/30826/001_boerderij-image-1568615.jpegEstonia: Pork trade from Lithuania reopened despite ASF

News After a four-day break, Estonia has reversed a decision to ban Lithuanian pork from crossing its borders amid the outbreak of the deadly African Swine Fever (ASF), Only six days ago, the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board prohibited the import of pork and its products from Lithuania as ASF had been ...

/PageFiles/30768/001_boerderij-image-1561799.jpegPiglet feeding: Mobile feeding automat

News During piglet raising, the foundation is laid for an optimal fattening and carcass performance of the fattening pigs. Accordingly, the energy and nutrient requirements of the animals should already shortly after birth be supplemented by a regular distribution of small feed rations. For this, the e...

/PageFiles/30670/001_boerderij-image-1484610.jpegTaking pig 
production to 
the next 'level'

News The brothers Theo and Bart Verhees, from Someren, the Netherlands, found a way to make more use of the available 
surface of their farm. By applying levels they could keep up to 25% more pigs. By Kees van Dooren, Boerderij At 10am, Bart Verhees, 51, and his brother Theo, 50, are...

/PageFiles/30587/001_boerderij-image-1536441.jpegPigTek presents new sow feeding line at WPX

News The PigTek Pig Equipment Group introduced new equipment platforms for its feeding solutions for gestating (pictured) and lactating sows. Both products were shown at the China Animal Husbandry Exhibition (CAHE) in Qingdao and made their presence at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, IA, United States thi...

/PageFiles/30308/001_boerderij-image-1462325.jpeg‘The Fourth P’ of pig production

News When producing pigs sustainably, many point to the interests of consumers, those of the industry and the effect on Mother Earth. But aren’t we forgetting one? Recent developments in Europe appear to add one more dimension to think of. By Vincent ter Beek   I am not an activist. Nor am I an animal ...

/PageFiles/29856/001_boerderij-image-1424764.jpegPig aggression can be stopped by using candies

News A pig fight can be interrupted by providing more interesting alternatives. In trials in Hanover, Germany, pigs were successfully taught to respond to the sound of a feeder. The feeder in the experiment at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hanover, Germany, included chocolate candies.The researc...

/PageFiles/29851/001_boerderij-image-1402297.jpegVentilating alone is not enough – know the air flow

News Optimising a good climate in pig houses is a matter of accuracy. No rule of thumb exists – requirements of a ventilation system are largely dependent on the outside climate, a pig house interior, occupancy rate as well as the air inlet system used. By Patrick van Dijk, Fancom, the Netherlands   Wo...

/PageFiles/29806/001_boerderij-image-1415432.jpegWhat If? In vitro meat

Blog What if we did not have live animals but still had delicious meat to eat? Wouldn’t that solve animal welfare and environmental problems? Wouldn’t everyone be much happier? The topic of in vitro meat is interesting conversation among people in almost any venue.  From social gatherings to class disc...

Results 1-10 of 182

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