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/PageFiles/30308/001_boerderij-image-1462325.jpeg‘The Fourth P’ of pig production

News When producing pigs sustainably, many point to the interests of consumers, those of the industry and the effect on Mother Earth. But aren’t we forgetting one? Recent developments in Europe appear to add one more dimension to think of. By Vincent ter Beek   I am not an activist. Nor am I an animal ...

/PageFiles/29856/001_boerderij-image-1424764.jpegPig aggression can be stopped by using candies

News A pig fight can be interrupted by providing more interesting alternatives. In trials in Hanover, Germany, pigs were successfully taught to respond to the sound of a feeder. The feeder in the experiment at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hanover, Germany, included chocolate candies.The researc...

/PageFiles/29851/001_boerderij-image-1402297.jpegVentilating alone is not enough – know the air flow

News Optimising a good climate in pig houses is a matter of accuracy. No rule of thumb exists – requirements of a ventilation system are largely dependent on the outside climate, a pig house interior, occupancy rate as well as the air inlet system used. By Patrick van Dijk, Fancom, the Netherlands   Wo...

/PageFiles/29806/001_boerderij-image-1415432.jpegWhat If? In vitro meat

Blog What if we did not have live animals but still had delicious meat to eat? Wouldn’t that solve animal welfare and environmental problems? Wouldn’t everyone be much happier? The topic of in vitro meat is interesting conversation among people in almost any venue.  From social gatherings to class disc...

/PageFiles/29798/001_boerderij-image-1413393.jpegOsborne: New hog feeder launched

News Osborne Industries, Inc., has announced the launch of its all new Stainless Steel Rectangular Hog Feeders to its swine management equipment line. Double-sided wean-to-finish rectangular feeder models are available for dry and wet/dry feeding. The feeders are constructed with heavy duty, 304 welded s...

/PageFiles/29757/001_boerderij-image-1231745.jpegFinisher pigs having a ball

News Since January 2013, providing distraction materials to sows 
and pigs has become mandatory in the EU. A host of different solutions have been shown at trade shows, but funnily enough, pigs don’t seem too interested. What if a toy did capture their interest? By Vincent ter Beek Why make a pig ...

/PageFiles/29717/001_boerderij-image-1296610.jpegThere’s money in pig house air

News The Netherlands has advanced far with capturing odourous 
substances from outgoing air from pig houses. The next 
objective is to also capture outgoing heat. This can prove to bring in substantial amounts of money for pork producers. By Vincent ter Beek The door does not open easily, it is like som...

/PageFiles/29609/001_boerderij-image-1385302.jpegBirth weight and genetics point to good growth

News Pigs with a high birth weight and the right genetic background perform better and achieve higher results during both weaning, growing and finishing than pigs with low birth weights. These were conclusions drawn by researchers at the Swine Innovation Centre Sterksel, part of Wageningen University, th...

/PageFiles/29570/001_boerderij-image-1379422.jpegA revolution in thinking about pig tails

News Industry-wide agreements in the Netherlands are likely to be the first step in a process to phase out tail docking. The underlying problem of tail biting, however, is not solved by banning 
docking. Now more than ever, thinking about pig tails is taken 
 Multifactorial – there is no truer...

/PageFiles/29528/001_boerderij-image-1365035.jpegStudy: Effect of MOS on pig growth and feed efficiency

News ABSTRACT: The study carried out by The Department of Animal Sciences, Ohio State University, Columbus, was conducted as a 3 x 2 factorial experiment in seven pen replications conducted using progeny (n = 360) of successive farrowings of one Landrace breeding female population. By: B. A. Wenner,...

Results 1-10 of 176

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