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/PageFiles/36804/002_boerderij-image-1556322.jpegGoing back to basics in rearing pays off

News To deliver a good rearing flock to the production farm, the basic criteria of good infrastructure and management need to be met. Owners or general managers cannot expect good results without giving their farm managers the tools to do the job. Going back to the basics of rearing will easily solve 90%...

/PageFiles/36806/001_boerderij-image-1571239.jpegEstimating air leakage in the poultry house

News In order to control the environment within a poultry house, it is essential that a producer not only controls how much air is entering the house, but where it is entering. For instance, during cold weather essentially no air should enter a house when the fans are off. When the fans are operating, al...

/PageFiles/36802/001_boerderij-image-1571169.jpegThriving flocks through new heater

News The Thermorizer TR 75 is a new concept in poultry house heating. Field tests in Germany have proved the advantages of the device. These are low noise levels, optimum heat distribution, energy saving and sturdiness. Since September 2013, the Thermorizer TR 75 heater has been field tested in two broil...

Results 1-3 of 3

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